Vegan Sushi

I’ve been wanting to make a sushi post for a while now. So here it is!!!

The hardest part is to cook the rice and the rest just takes a little prep work & time. The possibilities are so endless and I’m just listing what I put in but ill give some more ideas- just to get your mind rolling. Just be creative & go for it!

Also, you will need a bamboo roller mat for these.

– 1 c rice (I used just plain white but nxt time I will use brown)
-2 c water
– pinch salt
– 4 Tbs * seasoned rice vinegar
– sushi sea weed paper
– tofu (I used my pineapple teriyaki: )
– sprouts
-thinly sliced cucumber
– thinly sliced red bell pepper
-shredded carrots
-cole slaw
– sesame seeds
-Tamari soy sauce
– wasabi

Here are some other ideas:
– shredded beets
-cooked sweet potato
– steamed asparagus
– plain peanuts
– pine nuts
– vegan cream cheese (like Tofutti)
-sweet chili sauce
– steamed soy beans
– red kidney beans
– pickles
– banana peppers
– jalape├▒os
– mango
– yucca
– steamed broccoli
– grilled onions
– pickled ginger


-boil water and add the salt and vinegar then pour in the rice.
– cover & cook 15 mins them remove from heat.
-let sit for 5 mins
– put into a large, chilled bowl or use a large wooden bowl and gently fold the rice with a wooden spatula – being careful not to break but doing quickly to cool down so the rice will stay sticky. Do until it is not steaming.
– cover with a paper towel and stick into the fridge to cool (30 minutes if you can)
-lay out your bamboo roller, then put on a piece of the seaweed paper (shiny side down) and cover 2/3 of the sea weed with a thin layer of rice (just imagine how thick sushi is when you do that and know that when yours is rolled- that’s how it should be.)
-add some of your ingredients (my favorite was teriyaki tofu, pineapple, red bell pepper, and avocado) mix it up and have fun!
– now it’s time to roll by picking up the end of the bamboo and rolling the rice and seaweed tightly into its self – like jelly roll style (maybe look this up on you tube to see a good demo on rolling sushi)
– set aside until all your sushi is rolled then slice about 1 inch thick and serve with wasabi and soy sauce.

These are great for parties & take to work/school lunch since you can make them a couple days before you need to eat them all!




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