Katie’s Sauerkraut

This stuff is GOOOD. It’s not traditional, plain sauerkraut, it is different & delicious.

Katie brought some over to share & it was so delicious on a burnt carrot salad. I will update with a picture of the sauerkraut when I make a batch!

Here’s her recipe:

Katie’s Vegan Sauerkraut Recipe

This is a quick shortcut recipe to making a delicious vegan sauerkraut! You’ll have to eyeball the amounts of ingredients based on the amount of cabbage that you’re pickling and the jar(s) that it will go into. This versatile pickling recipe works extremely well for pickles and other veggies too!

1 part filtered water
1 part vinegar (I usually mix apple cider vinegar with regular vinegar- half and half of each)
Maple Syrup
Diced Onions
Jalapeño (optional)

Combine the water and vinegar in a pot and bring it to a rolling boil. Add salt (I use a spoonful or two), maple syrup (about a spoonful as well, you can exclude for a more tangy pickle), the diced onions, pepper, and jalapeño. What’s great about making a brine is that you can throw in just about anything you want. I’ve had a lot of success with cutting up extra parsley and cilantro and throwing it in, peppercorns work well- anything really! Allow it to boil until the onions are transparent.

Shred your cabbage or cut it up really fine and stuff it into a jar. Put the jar in the sink and pour the brine into the cabbage jar until it all of the cabbage is submerged. Let the lid hang halfway off of the top and allow the jar to cool to room temperature. Put into the fridge immediately. I’ve had people tell me that it would only be good for a few weeks, but I’ve had pickled things that have lasted months. Enjoy and experiment!


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