Quinoa Bowl 

Delicious & filling. This recipe is versatile and can easily be doubled. It is great as a main or side dish, in burritos, served with roasted veggies, or on top of green salads. 

– 1 c quinoa 

– 2 c veggie stock 

-1/3 c green pumpkin seeds 

-1 cob of corn corncut from cob (or one can of corn drained ) 

-1 jalapeño or small green bell pepper finely diced 

-1 can black beans drained

-lime half cut in wedges for garnish 

-cilantro washed & chopped, about 2 Tbs + more for garnish 

-red bell pepper (or yellow or orange) diced 

-1tsp onion powder 

-salt & pepper to taste 


-1 tsp cumin 

-1 Tbs (-) olive oil optional 

-juice from 1/2 a lime 


-boil veggie stock in sauce pan then stir in quinoa, cover then reduce heat to a soft simmer cook for 15-20 mins until the liquid is absorbed then fluff with a fork 

-Toast seeds in a pan on medium heat until slightly brown , remove from pan & set aside

-drizzle pan with olive oil & cook the corn & jalapeño (or gen bell pepper) for a few minutes 

-add the black beans & sauté for a few additional minutes until heated through 

-add in the cooked quinoa, diced red bell pepper, cilantro & season with onion powder , salt & pepper to taste 

-for the dressing, mix the cumin, about 1Tbs or less of olive oil, and lime juice together 

-serve topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, lime wedges, extra cilantro & dressing drizzled on top. 

* also goes great with sliced avocado or guacamole and delicious in a burrito with cooked tofu or extra beans, and guacamole with salsa. 

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